Privacy Policy

The goal of this application is to allow batch-submission of ISRCs to MusicBrainz while storing the minimum amount possible of personally identifiable data. No data is sent to any third parties other than MusicBrainz, and only necessary persistent data is stored in your browser as a result of choosing to log in. Note that your login to MusicBrainz and ISRC submissions are subject to the MetaBrainz Privacy Policy.

Web browser local storage

The following data is used by MagicISRC but is stored only in your web browser local storage. This data is never sent to the server hosting MagicISRC or to any third parties other than MusicBrainz:

Web access logs

Like many other web services, I keep logs of all web requests made to this service. These logs are used for diagnostic purposes, and no information from them is sent to any third party or made available publicly. These logs include your IP address, your browser’s “User-Agent” string, and which page you requested. The logs are deleted after 14 days.

The data included in these logs may include information about the MusicBrainz release you have selected, and the data that you have filled into the ISRC fields.

During the login process, a one-time authorization code generated during the login process is included in these logs. This code cannot be used by itself to gain access to your account – a secret verification value is also required, which is stored only in your web browser local storage.